Friday, June 10, 2011

Cafeteria Verde

CAFETERIA VERDE - Robinsons Galleria (3rd floor)

With simple yet sufficient settings, this small restaurant is more like a food stall but it makes good use of bamboo fencing, something that brings out the eco-warrior in all vegetarians. Cafeteria Verde offers shoppers 'the better option,' meaning healthy lifestyle choices but perhaps most importantly - an affordable price

A diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan friendly choices. For starters, enjoy deep-fried and battered cauliflower florets, served on a bed of lettuce with curry dipping sauce. The best bet in the appetizer section though, are the bean and cheese taquitos - comprised of spicy beans and sharp cheddar cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Served with homemade salsa or aoli (get the salsa), the jalapeno tang and sharp cheddar bite will leave even carnivores frothing at the mouth.

As well as sandwiches and a better-than-average veggie burger made of tofu and mushroom, this small restaurant also serves complete meals. A variant of spaghetti bolognese is on offer, and with a delicate yet rich sauce of garlic, fresh basil leaves, ripened cherry tomatoes and olive oil - you won't miss the beef.

The Mongolian style fried rice is indeed delectable, topped with long strips of fried egg (or tofu) and crushed peanuts. In true Mongolian style, the dish isn't overly spiced or sauced, which lets the fresh vegetables and subtle flavors speak for themselves.

The health craze doesn't stop with the food either, as you'll find no soft-drinks or beer on tap here. All drinks are healthy fruit or vegetable (or both) shakes, made freshly on the premises before your very eyes.

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